Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Single Life

In the interest of leaving bits and pieces about me for my posterity (if I ever have more than just the one generation), I thought I would relate my activities this weekend. Hold on to your seats, folks, the excitement may be more than you can bear.
Friday evening: I consider my weekend to begin the minute I leave work on Friday. Visited McDonalds for a quick dinner. I can feel my arteries clogging up. I ran home and watered my lawn until eleven. Had a message inviting me out to dinner but had to turn it down. She brought me over fresh tomatoes anyway. Sweet!! Read blogs and e-mails. Continued reading the Bartimaeus Trilogy. I am now on Book Two. Bartimaeus is a crack-up but I will save that for a book review. Went to bed at 11 but I naturally couldn't sleep since I had to be up at 4 am.
Saturday: Dragged myself out of bed at 4 am, regretting every minute of lost sleep. Met other singles at the church for a trip to Salt Lake. The LDS Single Adults activities are interesting. I am usually the youngest one there although this time there were two younger women and a mentally handicapped young man about 23 who accompanied his grandmother. He had a blast, which made it more fun for all of us. Of the forty or so who made this trip, there were six married couples and two married men. One man was the bus driver and I'm not sure why the other guy came. I think the married couples are supposed to chaperone us which is a good thing since there was one single man on the bus, and he needed the protection. Actually, the married men are there to provide a priesthood presence and they bring their wives along to make the journey bearable. And we singles do need to be watched as the average age is about 70. Okay, most of this is tongue in cheek. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I slept most of the way out and part of the way home. But when I was awake, I had great company. We got to spend an hour in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum which is very interesting. Beautiful pianos that were brought across the plains, wonderful quilts, tatting, old pictures of old people, etc. I wish there had been more information on some of those pictures. And why do those people never smile? My favorite display was the Fire Department room. They had a beautifully restored horse-drawn fire engine that positively glistened. An hour is not nearly enough time to really see much but it was time for lunch. We went to the Lion House. I personally love eating here. It is in the heart of downtown Salt Lake across from the ZCMI center and next to the Jospeh Smith Memorial Building. They usually have four entrees which change every day. Saturday was pork loin, salmon, and two kinds of chicken. It is served cafeteria style. I had salmon, mixed vegetables, corn bread, and fruit. I was so proud of myself for passing up the carrot cake as it is to-die-for. Actually they didn't have any displayed when I picked up the fruit and then, there it was. I was too ashamed to switch. The salmon was delightful, the vegetables fresh, the corn bread yummy. The fruit was okay but I really wanted the carrot cake. After lunch, we had a hour before the movie we had come to see began, so what should I do??? I ran across the street to Desert Book and loaded up. With time to spare, I rushed into Meier and Frank and bought jewelry. Then back across the street to the Joseph Smith building and downstairs to the distribution center, where I got fifty copies of the Proclamation to the Family and 50 pamphlets called Families, all free. (Guess what the 1st Sunday Relief Society lessons are about for the rest of the year) I can so power-shop when I need to. The rest of the group was quite jealous. Then on to the Legacy Theater also located in the JSMB to see the LDS church's latest production, "Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration." I understand some people think that Mormons worship Joseph Smith and all this name-dropping may confirm that, but actually, we don't. We worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but are eternally grateful to Joseph Smith for the blessing that the restored gospel has brought into our lives. The movie is excellent. I still like "The Testament", a movie about the Savior apppearing on the ancient American continent, best, but found this movie to be very well-done and extremely moving. It truly made Joseph Smith more human to me, as a son, brother, husband, father and friend to those around him, not to mention a prophet of God. His sacrifice for the Lord's work was incredible. The theater was completely silent at the end, which is amazing since half the theater was filled with members of a youth group. We then visited Temple Square and headed for home. I got home at eight to find a message telling me to bring my games to the barbecue at Steve's. WHAT BARBECUE? I didn't go, too tired. Watered more lawn, read more Triology, went to bed.
Sunday: Again, dragged myself out of bed at the more decent hour of 6:30. Attended church, had a great lesson on Family History, found out about some families in need, found another lady to visit teach, etc. etc. Came home and did laundry. Yes, the ox was in the mire. I watched the second movie in "Work and the Glory" series while folding laundry. I am now blogging and eating a Western Family brand cereal called "Oats and More." Suprisingly good. I have avoided taking a nap so maybe I will sleep well tonight and I am watering more lawn. It is a beautiful evening now that the wind had died and not hot at all. I am going to do some research for my lesson next Sunday and then it's back to Bartimaeus.
This is a pretty long posting about a quite uneventful weekend, but I'm told that we should chronicle even our mundane activities. Actually Saturday was unusual, but the rest. . . If nothing else, my posterity will read this and decide that being single is not the life for them. I swear married people do not have as many activities planned for them as we singles. So do I regret being single. Sometimes . . . but, oh, the peace and quiet, the freedom, the . . . well, you get the picture.

Monday, July 24, 2006

It is a Lame List, Lacking in Lustre. You may find it Laughable, Learned, Lengthy, Lethargic or even Laudable. Be Lenient in My Larcenous Lament

I borrowed this idea from Cardine because I like lists. It's a quick way to jot down whatever comes to your mind, an interesting journal technique.
1. The time: 9:25 a.m.
2. Name: Shaneen
3. Piercings: One in each ear. I had two others you can vauguely see but I can't get earrings in them.
4. The most recent movie seen in the theater: Lady in the Water. I liked how M Night Shyamalan played his part in the movie, regardless of what the critics say. Paul Giametti was great. Yes I jumped whenever the scary creature appeared. I'd liked to watch it one more time without the jumping to see the things I missed by hiding my face. But I don't want to buy it.
5. Place of birth: St. John, Newfoundland
6. Favorite Foods: Chocolate
7. Ever been to Africa: No, but I would love to see the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings
8. Ever been toilet-papering: Yes. Who hasn't?
9. Loved someone so much it made you cry: I cried when I got divorced, but that was not love so much as sadness. But I love my kids enough to cry over them.
10. Been in a car accident: Yes and it was my fault. I'm still a jumpy driver.
11. Croutons or bacon bits: I prefer sunflower seeds but croutons are good too.
12. Favorite day of the week: Friday, the day of anticipation.
13. Favorite Restaurant: Don't have one. Just feed me and I'm happy.
14. Favorite Flower: Deep red peonies. I have one bush that grows these and they are gorgeous. If you could just get rid of the ants. Cardine likes flowers better than chocolate. I would prefer diamonds.
15. Favorite sport to watch: Pro basketball
16. Favorite drink: Water.
17. Favorite ice cream: Chocolate chip with those little tiny chocolate chip dots with the occasional clumps that no one makes any more which makes it easier to avoid this disastrous temptation.
18. Disney or Warner Brothers: Disney. I prefer Mickey Mouse over Bugs Bunny
19. Favorite fast food restaurant: McDonalds.
20.Color of your bedroom carpet: Rust, I hate it. It's so 70's. My dream color is a nice soft, grayish lavendar.
21. Number of times you failed your driver's test: Once. When I was sisteen, I flunked the driving test. I was devastated. I didn't go back and retry for six months.
22. From whom you got your last e-mail: Some guy selling Viagra. How do I get my filter back on? Do I need Viagra? Is there something I don't know about?
23. What do you do most often when you are bored: Play Zuma
24. Bedtime: About 11 pm
25. The person most likely to comment on this post the quickest: Booklogged
26. Responses to this post you the most curious about: Cassie. I wouldn't let her read this while I was typing it.
27. Favorite TV shows: Extreme Makeover (Love Ty Pennington) and Gray's Anatomy. ( Love Dr. McDreamy) I like the Rock Star reality show. Those people are really talented.
28. Last persons you ate with: Cassie, Cheya, Myke, Katie, Alyson, Kristi, Ronnie, Jenny, John, Megan, Jeff, Steve, Verona, Ryan, Julie, Brinli, Aubri, Riker and my mom. KFC and potluck. We played Trivial Pursuit afterwards and I did the best for a change. Got lucky on the questions.
29. Dream car: The 2007 Nissa Maxima. Just saw it on a commercial and it called my name.
30. What you are listening to right now: The SLC July 24th parade on the the TV. Cassie is watching it. It's very annoying.
31. Your favorite colors: Blue and yellow. Or Lavendar and sage. It's too hard to decide.
32. How many tattoos you have: None. Not even tempted. Too painful.
33. How many pets you have: Zero My cat disappeared a few years ago and now I'm just alone.
34. Which came first, the chicken or the egg: I'll take a wild guess and say the chicken. Have there been any scientific studies done on this?
35. This question was missing so I'll discuss a couple of interesting things I came across while searching in my lexicon for this title. Leitmotif: Somehow I always associated this with decorating but it also deals with Wagnerian operas. Hmmm. Least common denominator: After reading others blogs and checking on those who comment on mine, I find our least common denominator is that we do blogs. Otherwise we are a very diverse bunch. There are probably more L words I could have used but I got tired of looking in the L's.
36. The last thing you think at night: Put the book away . . . put the book away . . . put the book away. . . put the boo . . . zzzzz
37. Time you finished answering: 9:50 a.m. What time did you finish reading this post?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Birthday Poems

A few days ago, I read "The Cat Who Talked Turkey" by Lillian Jackson Braun. I decided not to do a post about it on Framed and Booked, because these books are all quite similar and you either like them or you don't. They're just a tad too precious, (the main characters always part by saying A bientot. What does that mean?) but I still read them. But I was captivated by one idea in the book. Each year on his mother's birthday, Quill gathers some friends and read her favortite poem by Wordsworth:
I wondered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills.
When all at once I saw a crown,
A host, of golden daffodils.
Don't know how the rest of the poem goes, it's immaterial. But Quill thinks every one should have a birthday poem. His is: "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you . . .", Weatherby Goode, a meteologist, "The fog comes on little cat feet," Mildred, "When I consider life and its few years . . . I wonder at the idleness of tears", Polly, "My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky . . .", and Arch liked Anonymous, "I know two things about a horse, and one of them is rather coarse." After reading this, I tried to think of a birthday poem for myself. However, I'm limited since I don't read a lot of poetry. How about . . ."I do not like them Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and spam."? or "Why are they sad and glad and bad? I do not know. Go ask your dad." Yes, I love Dr. Seuss. And that last one used to make Jordan laugh and laugh. I have read some Edgar Allen Poe and the witches' speech from Hamlet. They're pretty morbid for a birthday poem. And of course, there is the lyrical limerick. (Eyebrows bob up and down) So my quest is to find that poem. If you have suggestions, feel free to share. I would also like to know what your birthday poem would be. Well, gotta go, the evening is hosting a spectacular sunset. I need a poem for that.
A bientot.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Fabulous 50's

I know, I know. This does not look like a group of fifty-year-old women, but I can assure that is just what it is. In June, I joined four of my high-school friends, Ann, Nikki, Judy, and Marla, at Ann's home in St. George for four days of just being the girls. What a hoot. First off, Ann is this incredibly generous and fun person. Nikki calls her Martha Ann Stewart with good reason. She is a great hostess. We all received embroidered beach towels and cloths that said "Fabulous 50's" as well as a bag of goodies and trinkets, many straight from the 70's. We spent lots of time shopping and spent all kinds of money. That's always fun isn't it? One night, we attended "South Pacific" at Tuacan. What a magnificent setting to see that musical. I enjoyed it even more than the movie. Must have been the company. I was so impressed with the wave of water that flooded the stage just before intermission. We would begin each morning sitting on the patio having breakfast. I chowed down on Nikki's healthy muffins.

They were fantastic. I have the recipe!! Nikki is a warm, beautiful person who is so easy to be with. She exudes warmth. Judy is such a wise woman. I can't believe how many books she has read, more than Booklogged! And she knows everything and everyone. I hadn't seen Marla since we worked together years ago at First Security. She lives in St. George and it was so good to see her again. She is just as gorgeous as she was in high school, maybe more. We spent one afternoon in her beautiful new home. She has this deep red wall in her kitchen and dining room that I absolutely love. Well, we spent hours talking and laughing and catching up and laughing and talking. Don't let me forget the pedicures. I love getting a pedicure. Another evening, we hired a professional photographer to take our pictures. She spent a couple of hours with us at Brigham Young's summer home and places close to it. We had a blast and I think the photographer did too. I guess we showed her that 50-year-old women are lots of fun. I love what wonderful women these four have developed into. I'm so glad we are still friends and we're planning future trips. I can't wait. A word of advice to all of you. Keep in touch with your old friends and when you turn fifty, have a fling together. If it's too late for fifty, do it at sixty. I bet we'll do something grand in ten years.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am Such a Follower

Yes, I've succumbed to the urge to follow where others have gone before me. I have created a new blog just for the books I've read or the books I will read someday. Thanks to Booklogged for helping me get it started. There is more to do, but it's late. The new blog is called "Framed and Booked." Pretty catchy, huh? I know you have all wanted to add another blog to read so I'm happy to oblige.