Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Agenda

April, the month of sunshine, showers and silly jokes. Well, that didn't pan out, so what did happen last month?
5th & 6th General Conference. This was President Monsen's first conference as prophet. It amazed me to see how he seem to assume the mantle more each session. The solemn assembly on Saturday mornig was absolutely inspiring to watch and take part in. And the smile on President Uchtdorf's face as he conducted was so warming. Great talks and a wonderful spirit.
9th Our ward held his annual auction to raise money for Scouts and Young Women's Camp. It had a phenomenal turnout. I spent most of the night in the kitchen cooking and serving hot dogs so that probably saved me some money. I did get to watch a 22-year-old bid $200 for a quilt. I wonder if having his girlfriend watching adoringly had anything to do with that. The auctioneer even gave me credit for making one of the quilts. Quit laughing.
11th thru 13th Mom and I went to Salt Lake and Brigham City. Read the next post down for more on this trip.
23rd I started working in the temple as an ordinance worker. This calling stressed me out, but once I got there and went on a session, I knew I was truly being blessed. At least once a week, I will be feeling some peace and a calm spirit.
28th thru 1st Wayne and Susan came from Virginia for a visit. Bret is graduating at the U on Friday.
30th It snowed for crying out loud.

Reading I read thirteen books last month. Peter Pan was my favorite. Finished one challenge and joined two more. I may need therapy. The review for one book, Season of Sacrifice, won't be posted until May 3rd as part of Tristi Pinkston's virtual book tour. I also agreed to review a YA fantasy book for another author, J Scott Savage, next summer. As part of that review, I get to do an interview. So take a look at the Farworld Blog Tour and tell me what you would like to know about this author and his books. Thinking of good questions is the hard part. I just started reading Persuasion by Jane Austen.

Movies watched Dan in Real Life

What's on the tube? I'm still immersed in Dancing with the Stars. Shannon Elizabeth got voted off last night. Too bad, I like watching her and Derek dance but not watching them moon over each other. I can't decide how much of these romances are real or not. I just want to focus on the dance, please. It's been months since Gray's Anatomy was on and I've been fine. But one show last week and I'm hooked again. Dang.

Overall impression It was too windy on Saturday to burn so I've missed my chance until the fall. It was so windy that a panel of my new rickety shed that replaced the shed the wind blew over last summer blew out. I need a new drill so I can screw those panels down instead of the staples that are now holding things together. If this shed blows down, I'm forking over some dough to get something sturdy. We met our goals at work for the month, but it's never enough. Oh dear, I'm whining. I hate that in others but it seems called for in my own circumstances. Actually, I'm glad we met the goals and hopefully I can master the rest. Does that make up for the whine? (fourteen years, two months and three days to retirement) Sorry, it's been a hard week.