Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Twilight Book Character Are You?

Twilight Test

Alice Cullen
You are Alice Cullen. Your ability to foresee danger and misfortune doesn't diminish your bubbly optimism. You are a force to be reckoned with -- anybody with enough sense knows, you never bet against Alice.

Twilight Test from Dumb Spot!

It's true. I am a Twilightee. Loved the first book, enjoyed the rest. Edward Cullen is too good to be true which is why I didn't love him in the movie. How do you portray "too good to be true"? Still the movie was a lot of fun. I loved the casting of Charlie, Alice and James. I like Robert Pattinson but surely there was a better looking guy to play Edward. Climbing the tree looked a little hokey, but the scene in the dance studio was fantastic. All in all, a great escape.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

October Outlook

Wow, October is over already. This month has really flown by, and the year is almost gone. How does that happen? It has been a beautiful month, warm with a nice brisk chill some mornings. I've been wearing my sweaters to work but mostly because I like to wear them. I did a lot of traveling this month so maybe that's why it flew by so fast.

Oct 4 & 5 - It was General Conference this weekend. I listened to some great talks and felt very uplifted as usual. My favorites were Joseph Wirthlin and Jeffrey Holland. They just made me feel good.

Oct 4 - Brett and Angela came out to visit and watch GC with Mom. Everyone went to Mom's to visit and play games, mostly Dice, I think.

Oct 15 - Attended a training in Provo with other managers. It was called Coaching the Coach and was all about how to help the Service Manager coach the tellers better. As always, there was a sales focus but mostly we worked on ways to improve customer service and customer perceptions. Pretty good stuff.

Oct 16 - Attended the annual Central Utah Managers meeting. It was held at a beautiful cabin-type mansion up Hobble Creek Canyon near Springville. While most of the fall colors were faded, it was still a beautiful setting. Our morning breakout session lasted too long so we had to grab lunch and eat during another session. I felt bad I didn't have a chance to walk around the outside of the home (now owned by BYU) and see the views. We got to meet the new Regional Banking President for our area. I think he's going to make a lot of changes. Have mercy. After the meeting, I drove to Salt Lake and met up with Mark and Susan and had dinner. I finally got to see Jason and Rachel's new baby, Robert Brent. He is so cute.

Oct 17 - Susan, Mark and I drove up Mill Creek Canyon to do some hiking. We planned to go to the top of the canyon but the road was iced over and very treacherous. We ended going on a hike farther down the canyon. It was pretty steep and I didn't make it to the top even though I went farther than I thought I could. My feet have still not recovered. I think I have a bone spur on my heel and the hike did not help. We also visited the State Capitol which I hadn't been to in years. Susan and I argued about where the lion statute had been sitting when we visited with our little kids. I'm sure I'm right and I have a picture to prove it. The doors were locked to the House of Representative room but we found an open door to the visitors' gallery and snuck in. And watched the planes taking off and landing at the airport from the windows. Not to mention the train that stopped in the middle of town for a half hour. Oh the fun!! We also drove out to Salt Air and around the Ochre Mountain range. That evening we met up with Cheya, Myke and Mom who were headed to Oregon, Cassie, Alyson, Greg, Jenny Lou and Katie at the Olive Garden for dinner.

Oct 18 - Before Susan left for Cedar City, she and I went to the Cannery in Sandy and bought several cases of food storage. My boxes are now sitting in the middle of the spare bedroom. I don't know where to put them!! Then I drove out to West Jordan to see Jordan, Stacey and Lincoln. Stacey had the house all decorated for Halloween. She is very talented. We met Cassie at Ruby River for dinner. I spent the night there and got to play with Lincoln in the morning and after church. He is so much fun and is such a happy little boy. Then it was time to go home. I made sure I filled up in SL since gas prices there are plummeting and Vernal is still gouging. What's the deal??

Oct 24 & 25 - A Weekend to Remember. Wells Fargo rewarded all the managers in the state who reached 103% of their goals in August and September with a weekend at the Grand American Hotel in Salt Lake. The hotel was built in order to provide Salt Lake with a 4-star hotel for the Olympics. It was verrrry nice. Cassie and I stayed in a suite on the 23rd floor with an excellent view of the Wells Fargo building. Planned???? There were two TV's, balconies, a huge and gorgeous bathroom, beds turned down each night with candy on the pillow and robes laid out, etc. Verrrry nice. (It bears repeating) The restaurant was a disappointment. The food wasn't that great and is without a doubt the most expensive meal I've ever paid for. I'll chalk that up to experience. Saturday, Cassie and I went to one author's seminar at the Salt Lake Book Festival. Raeanne Thayne has published over 30 romance novels; and her talk was mostly about the popularity of the genre even though many turn their noses up at it. She scorns the term "bodice rippers" even though those are still romances. It was an interesting discussion but I remain unconvinced. I enjoy books that have romance but I don't think they fall into the same category that Thayne discussed--romances always have a happy ending, the heroine is a strong woman who brings out the best in her man, the man learns to be more sensitive, etc. Still she was giving books away to anyone who asked questions or commented, so I did. I now own The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle. I love any type of Christmas book so I was glad to get this one. As you can see, this cowboy is missing his hat, but he looks properly sensitive. Cassie and I then went to Best Buy to look over printers. Mine is defunct. I didn't buy a printer but I did get a new hard drive. It's still in the package but someday I will hook it up and figure it out. We went back and lounged in the luxury of our room for a while. We were a little surprised when room service opened our door to turn down the beds. What are those fancy door bells for?? I asked him to come back in an hour. I definitely wanted our beds turned down and candy left since I had given my box to Stacey and Jordan the night before. Then it was time for the Recognition Banquet. We had some very nice hors d'ouevres and a good dinner. I had bought a new jacket from a catalog and wore it that night. Imagine my surprise to see the manager from Provo with a jacket made of the same material. The style was a little different but it looked the same. She has very good taste. Each manager was recognized and Cassie won the fresh-flower centerpiece at our table. Nice and short, everything a banquet should be. We then went to a movie and back to the room to sleep in (dare I say it again?) luxury.

Books read or listened to:
The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly - A creepy fantasy in which a young boy finds himself in an alternative world where fairy tales are real and very sinister.
Winter Study by Nevada Barr (audio) - An Anna Pigeon National Park mystery which takes place in Michigan's Isle Royale National Park.
Bachelor Brothers Bed and Breakfast by Bill Richardson - The first book in a humorous series of two Canadians who turn their home into a literary inn.
Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz - Another first in series book, this time a mystery, about a man who sees and talks to the dead. Very highly recommended by Cheya.
Dawn by Elie Wiesel - Historical fiction dealing with the freedom fighters in British-controlled Palestine.
Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie (audio) - A Jane Marple mystery where the least popular man in the village is murdered and the list of suspects is huge.
The Devil's Bones by Jefferson Bass (audio) - This is the second book in a mystery series involving a forensics scientist who teaches and solves crimes.
The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney - This book takes place in cold, cold Canada in 1867. It tells the tale of a murdered trapper and a mother's trek to clear her son of the murder.
Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury - Two 13-year-old boys sneak out one night to see a carnival arrive in town in the wee hours of the morning. There is something very sinister about the carnival; and the two boys are quickly targets of the autumn people.
The Borrowers by Mary Norton - This book has been around for years and tells the story of a family of small people who live under the kitchen floor and borrow the things they need to live.
The Woods by Harlen Coben - Paul Copeland is a county prosecutor involved in a rape case. He soon become involved in solving a recent murder which reopens the case of four murdered or missing teenagers from twenty years ago.
I also finished another challenge which is always a good thing. I mooched some more books but didn't buy any. And it looks like I read a lot of mysteries this month.
Cassie and I went and saw The Duchess when I was in Salt Lake. It stars Kiera Knightley and Ralphe Fiennes. The acting and cinematography were excellent. I enjoyed it a lot.
I'm still watching Dancing with the Stars. Cloris Leachman was finally voted off, but not before some better dancers left the show. I'm still enjoying this show. It's very entertaining. I'm not sure why I comment on what I watch on TV because it is just DWTS and Gray's Anatomy. Boring.
Overall Impression
I'm tired. I like traveling and always enjoy going out to Salt Lake to see my kids and grandson, but now I need to get things done around the house. But I'm just too tired. Guess I'll go to bed.