Friday, May 26, 2006

The Wind Beneath My Wings

My cousin did a foolish thing--her words. She bought herself a butter-yellow Volkswagon convertible. Yesterday I went for a ride in it. The top was already down but we needed to put the cover over the folded up roof. And away we went. She explained that she never locks it since the top is mostly down (it's work to put it up and down) so she doesn't keep valuables in it. Papers fly out. Be careful of your conversation as passerbys can listen in. The wind is extremely noisy when you're driving on the freeway. Most of these comments were her own. So how was the short ride from her condo to Los Hermanos down the scenic University Avenue? In a word . . . exhilarating. Granted, it was a beautiful spring day and downtown Provo was looking very green and spiffy. (Did I just say spiffy? Well, it fits.) We had the side windows rolled up so my hair wasn't whipping into my face, just lofting through my nicely highlighted locks, creating the wings mentioned in the title. After dinner, I was tempted to run and gracefully jump over the side into my seat. I restrained myself. Keep in mind, the windows are rolled up and I'm a fifty-year-old, not-at-all-skinny woman with a bad back who has just consumed a massive chimichanga. So maybe buying a butter-yellow Volkswagon convertible is not the most practical purchase for a teacher who commutes from Provo to Salt Lake three times a week. It won't be the best car to take on a road trip with several of her closest friends. But it was her dream and she loves it. I say hooray for enjoying life and doing something that feels so good. Also, in the back of my practical mind that stops me from doing some of the things I dream about, I think what great gas mileage she is getting. Besides, I love the color of this car.
Wonder if it comes in an SUV?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Collection Obsession

I believe in collecting things. Most are pretty useless and just take up space. If you read my earlier post, you know that my daughter took a lot of things to the junkyard and DI last fall. Many of these things were collections: my collection of houseplan books (Let's face it, I'll live in this cottage the rest of my life), a whole slew of frames, my hope chest of fabric (I can't even find my sewing machine, what do I need fabric that I bought in the early 80's for) my shelf of old VHS movies and part of my book library. So far, I have not replaced the junked houseplan books or the VHS movies and I'm not even tempted to buy fabric; but you also know from my earlier post, that I am quickly buying up new frames. Luckily, these seem to match and have a definite purpose in mind. The others had a purpose at the time, I just don't remember what was supposed to go in them. Apparently I can get rid of pictures and crafty displays easier than the frame. I also have a stamp collection that I haven't looked at in years and lots of coins collecting in the vault at the bank. Unfortunately, I'm not doing so well in collecting the green stuff in my savings account. Because it all goes into collecting more and more and more, mostly in filling up the empty spaces left when I so generously donated books to DI. Those were mostly how-to's and self-improvement books so I haven't missed them at all. But my latest collecting obsession centers on children's books. I have to be prepared for the day when my children finally present me with a grandchild. Besides, these books are so funny, beautiful, wise, or entertaining and, especially, very easy to read. Let me tell you about my latest acquisition:
Agatha's Feather Bed, Not Just Another Wild Goose Story
by Carmen Agra Deedy, pictures by Laura L. Seeley
"Agatha, the plucky weaver, orders a new feather bed from her B B Lean catalog, and soon six shivering geese pay her a visit . . .demanding theirs feathers back. But Agatha's goose is not cooked." As you can see just from the inside leaf, the writing of this book is filled with puns and word play. I had so much fun reading it. Kids may not get the word play but might if you put a lot of feeling into the reading. A few of my favorites are: ' "I have to tell you we mean business, Agatha," said Sidney. "I wouldn't mess with a gaggle of angry, naked geese. We're
not just a bunch of quacks." ' or ' "We had a great time with that credit card. They kept wanting to give us a bill, but we just said, 'No, thanks, the last thing we need is another bill,'. . ." What a great book that starts off with the lesson that kids should ask more questions, and we need to take the time to answer them. The question in this book is where do things come from. The illustrations are gorgeous and the whole book is enchanting. All ages will love this it.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


I have no secrets and very few original thoughts so blogging is not something I rushed right into. I do enjoy reading other blogs and the comments others make. You people are such deep thinkers! Plus I usually have something to add. But I have run into a few postings that I could not comment on without having my own blog so I bowed to the inevitable. This blog is the result. As I recently shared, I chose the name while looking at a pile of frames I have accumulated with the idea of creating a hall of pictures, all in black frames, of my friends and family, artistically arranged, of course. I have framed many pictures, but need more. A few years ago, I received a set of beautiful frames that I hung in a grouping in my living room. One of the frames I saved for a wedding picture of my son and daughter-in-law which I just recently acquired but it needs to be edited. Last month I finally removed the picture of the cute little girl which came with the frame as I tired of explaining it to visitors. Now, sadly, there is no picture in the frame at all. I refuse to hang any more empty frames, so this project is waiting . . waiting. . . . waiting . . . . . .you get the picture. I seem to be surrounded by unfinished projects or the remains of finished projects. I spent a small fortune on a kit to crochet a beautiful afghan for my bedroom in the colors that it will someday be decorated in. (Another project) The pattern was too hard and it sat in the corner for a couple of years until I found another pattern that I can handle and that requires that I buy even more yarn. I have made seven of the 63 squares I will need to finish. As I searched for a pattern, I came across patterns for scarves made with Fancy Fur. This was a fun project as I could finish a scarf in one evening. I think I crocheted about ten scarves. It feels good to finish something, but I have a sack full of yarn for more potential scarves. Last fall my daughter and I cleaned out the junk room and several (make that many) kits and lengths of fabric made their way to Deseret Industries. It was almost like repentance removing so many sources of guilt. But I can't seem to restrain myself. Don't even get me started on my scrapbooking supplies. This blog is yet another project that is not finished. Maybe someday I will get around to putting a little something in the "About Me" section and pictures would seem to be an appropriate addition. Maybe tomorrow or next month . . . maybe not.