Sunday, August 01, 2010

July, 2010

Well, the month started off really bad.  I think the first was one of my worst days at work ever.  Fortunately, things got better.  While I was on vacation, the team really kicked it in gear and I ended up hitting my goal for the month.  That's the first time this year.  Yoohoo!!!  I spent the 29th and 30th observing another manager in Salt Lake.  I got to ask her lots of questions, took copious notes; and she gave me some really good insights.  She was 'fabulous", one of her favorite words. Hopefully, I can take it all back and get better at my job.  I know my boss hopes so too.  I have such a great team and they deserve a great manager.  It's just going to take some really hard work on my part.

Cheya and Myke had their annual 4th of July barbecue.  It was as fun as always.  Cassie came out and so did Alyson.  The next day, Cassie and I got up early to drive to Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival.  We left her car at Brett's house and chatted with him for a little too long.  So I really had to book it to make it to the first play.  Which I did with time to spare.  We went to "Great Expectations."  It was a musical which I think everyone else liked more than I did.  Maybe it was because I kept falling asleep.  It was a beautiful production and the music was fantastic.  That night, I went with Stacey, Jordan, and Lincoln over to her aunt's home to watch the Enoch fireworks.  Stacey has a wonderful family who made me feel very welcome.  Lincoln had a ball running all over the beautiful yard and watching a great fireworks display.  It was the best I've ever seen for a smaller city.  The next day, Stacey and I went to "Pride and Prejudice" together.  Cassie and the rest of the group had bought their tickets the year before and sat in the balcony.  But I liked our tickets down below.  I really liked this play.  And the next day, we got to meet the actors who played Darcy and Elizabeth at a seminar.  Very fun.  The same evening, we went to "The Merchant of Venice."  Because I bought my tickets late, I had to pay quite a bit, but I was sitting o the second row in the Adams theater.  I thought the play was excellent even though the subject matter is quite dark.  The next day after the seminar, we just kind of hung out.  That night I got to babysat Lincoln while Stacey and Jordan went to a movie.  Of course, they put him to bed first so I didn't really have to do anything but watch TV and read.  It was pretty relaxing.  We did watch The Lion King earlier which he found enthralling.  Movies are so much more fun to watch with him.    My last play was "39 Steps".  I had bought my tickets on Monday, and Susan bought hers on Thursday and we got to sit together.  It was probably my favorite play, a take on Alfred Hitchcock movies.  There were four actors playing about twelve different parts so the timing was impeccable.  Later, we went to a used bookstore and I bought four books.  The madness must stop.  Anyway I enjoyed the festival and seeing everyone.  Besides, Cassie and Susan, there were Tracey, her friend, Kerri, Pam, Jane, Connie, Connie's daughter, Brittany, and Julie.  Kylie and Jill joined us as well.  The next day, Cassie drove us home.  She fixed my Walkman or at least figured it out and explained it to me to I was able to listen to some of the music I have on it.  There's about 13 hours and I still haven't listened to everything yet.  Here's the places I remember eating at while in Cedar City:  1. Chili's, Jordan, Stacey and Lincoln joined the whole group and Lincoln got a little shy.  That doesn't happen often.  2.  Lefty's, a Mexican restuarant that had really slow service and the food wasn't that great.  I've had better there.  Lincoln loved the gold fish.  3.  A restaurant up the canyon, can't remember the name.  It was really good food though.  4.  The Pizza Factory, don't remember what I ate there but it was pretty good as well. 

I spent the last day of my vacation working in the yard, mowed the lawn and pulled up all the radishes (They were way too hot to eat.  Note to self:  Don't plant radishes again)  I spent most of the day at Lowe's looking at things to remodel my bathroom with.  Stacey and Lincoln said they were coming up to do that in August.  Fantastic, right?

My lesson is Relief Society was from Elder Bednar's talk, "Watching with All Perseverance."  I don't know how I could teach these lessons if it weren't for the sisters and the way they discuss everything.  I learn so much from them.

After I left the branch in Salt Lake, I rode up to Layton with Mark and Susan for the Peterson Family Reunion.  This is the year I can remember that Mom was not able to come.  She is just not doing well, it's very worrisome.  It was great to visit with cousins and Uncle Donald, Aunt Elinore, Aunt Carol (improved from last year) and Aunt Betty Jean.  We made way too much sloppy joes, but they turned out good.  The only bad thing was the heat.  Absolutely sizzling.  Next year the reunion is in Vernal on June 24th.  I hope Cheya is ready to take that on. (giggle)  The next day, Myke, Cheya and I stopped and ate a late lunch at Zupas.  I ate there on Thursday night as well.  It is my new favorite place to eat.  I also bought two more books while I was in Salt Lake.  Jeez. 

I have been eating peas straight from the garden which is fun.  I suspect the chipmunk is eating them as well.  He just better stay away from my tomatoes.  I harvested quite a few zucchinis, grated four quarts to freeze and gave the rest away.  My corn got beat up by a hailstorm but there are a few tassels showing up.  I may get an ear or two.  There are lots of blossoms on the pumpkins and I have a pretty good crop of sunflowers getting ready to bloom.  It's been surprisingly fun to grow a garden this year. 

Books Read   I only read four books this month.  I really enjoyed The Host by stephanie Meier, quite different from her Twilight series.  Right now, I'm reading Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and really liking it. 

Movies I saw "Eclipse" with Lisa earlier in the month.  Not too bad, better than the first one and I didn't see the second one.  And "The Lion King" with Lincoln.  I hear he's banned from watching until he learns appropriate lion behavior around other little kids. 

TV  Yes, I'm watching the Bacheloette.  I like Ali and I even like both of the guys remaining.  Glad Frank's gone.  I'm really liking Howier Mandel on America's Got Talent but he and Sharon kind of pick on Piers.  It's a fun show to watch.  That's about it, mostly I read a lot. 

Overall Impression  It's been really hot and we've only had one good rain storm which tore up my garden.  I'll come back and read this post in December to try to keep a good perspective on the weather.  I think my life would be really boring if I had time to think about it, so it's a good thing I don't.