Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Celebrating a 25-Year Milestone

It's hard to believe that my baby is twenty-five. How did that happen?? Wasn't she a beautiful little girl? Still, she grew up to be just as beautiful and a sensitive, talented, and caring individual who is so much fun to be around. In fact, I got to spend the weekend with her celebrating this milestone. We spend five hours on Saturday at a spa being thoroughly pampered. The only time we spent together was for our pedicures but it was still wonderful. We had massages, which totally hurt my back (I'm still sore three days later) but all my muscles were so relaxed that it was okay. Truthfully, the masseuse really pushed a bit too hard, it hurt sometimes. I may not repeat that part again unless I can get someone a touch more gentle. My manicure was also very relaxing. Does anyone not like to have their hands rubbed? Then dipped in hot parafin? And now my hands are so soft and my pretty pink fingernails are just barely starting to chip. Am I supposed to repaint nightly? Luckily toe nail polish last much longer. I adore pedicures. Even more than my hands, I love to have my feet rubbed. When it's a trained professional doing the rubbing, so much the better. So Cassie and I sat soaking our feet, eating our lunch while our tootsies were lotioned, parafinned, buffed and painted. I know it's not a job I would love to have, but I'm thrilled that some people are so good at it. Both girls told us that our feet were in good condition unlike the next client whose rough skin was filed at for twenty minutes. I've let my feet get that rough, at times using them for scratching posts so I could really relate. Finally, we were treated to facials. Sheer bliss. Well, not the part where she extracted the blackheads, that hurt like the dickens. And why is a woman approaching menopause afflicted with things like painful facial extractions, and questioned about my use, or lack of use, of sunscreen and dehydration from not drinking enough water? I ask you? If my skin is so dehydrated, I shouldn't have any blackheads. Of course, I can't deny the dry patches, I can't see the blackheads, and I just found out that my foundation doesn't have sunscreen in it. So I will just stay indoors. But I digress. Back to . . . Sheer bliss. You lay on your back and the technician cleans your face, then moisturizes it, (this process also includes your shoulders and upper chest) then she gently pats you down with really hot, moist towels, then a gentle massage which includes your arms and feet. Then more hot, moist towels, then more moisturizer. I kept falling asleep only to wake up with a gentle (genteel?) snort. I really wanted to stay awake to enjoy it all, but it was too relaxing. The facial really was the crowning experience of the whole day. If I could afford it, I would do it all on a monthly basis. Eventually, my back would buck up and my blackheads would disappear.
After the spa experience, Cassie and I went shopping. First Ikea. She loved it because there were a lot of cute things at really really good prices. I thought there were way too many people. I find I don't like crowds very much. But I managed to spend a goodly sum. Next, Jamba Juice. Very refreshing. Then on to dinner at Buca di Beppo with Cassie's friends, and Alyson, Jordan and Stacey. I got to see the first pics of my gestating grandson. I oohed and aahed of course, but I really wasn't sure what was what. Still, there is one picture of his face that looks just like Jordan. Dinner was very good, I suggest the salmon or the margherita pizza. It was fun to watch Cassie with her friends. They seem to be a great bunch. And I always love to see Alyson. We ended the evening at the Laughing Stock, an improvisational group, who do routines similar to that Drew Carey show. Most were hilarious, but too much time was spent in between with the actors joking amongst themselves. I think Cassie really enjoyed her birthday, and I was happy to celebrate a very meaningful day for me as well.