Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cousin's Party

Friday morning, Mom and I drove out to Salt Lake because we were going to Cousin's Parties in Brigham City the next day. We were hoping to take Cheya with us, but it seems she has caught the bug that has afflicted the rest of her family this last month. (Bug seems like such a petty word for this nasty illness.) It was too bad, because both Mom and I got really sleepy on the way out even though we were listening to a book on CD, The Fallen Man by Tony Hillerman. (See review on Framed and Booked blog) I know Cheya would have kept the conversation going enough to keep us both awake. We stopped at the outlet mall in Park City and Mom was able to find herself a really cute dress and jacket. I bought a jacket as well. Then we headed into the city and stopped at Fashion Place Mall since we were planning on eating at The Cheese Cake Factory that evening. More shopping, more fun. Susan soon joined us, then Jordan, Stacey, and Lincoln. I bought him a cute outfit that looked just something his dad would wear. Except for the hat, I don't believe I've ever seen Jordan in a hat like that. Greg stopped at the restaurant and learned it would be a two hour wait for our party, so we bagged that idea, found Mark, Scott and Cassie outside the mall and headed over to Macaroni Grill. I must put a plug in for that place. Their service is impeccable. Our waiter was so good, except for maybe drink refills, but it was very busy. One of Stacey's ravioli's was empty, they replaced it and the manager came out to apologize and took care of the drink refills. I had the Chicken Tuscano soup and it was to die for. (Cream based with parmesan gnocci, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, mmmm) Lincoln was incredibly entertaining. I mean look at this face. He is such a good, happy baby besides being
hilarious. I think I only heard him cry once this weekend and that was at bedtime. I love him. If you want to read more about Lincoln and his family, click here. After dinner, we visited Greg and Jenny Lou's place. They have a fun dog named Apache, and Jenny Lou always has great stories to tell. The next morning, we drove up to see how construction was coming on the Draper Temple. It is going to be an impressive building and what a view. But what is up with those houses being built just above the temple? Some kind of gothic castle thing is going on. And big enough to be hotels. Then we picked up Greg and headed to Brigham. Mom met her cousins at the Maddox Lodge in Perry and had a great time with the 32 people who came. The younger generation (yes, that's me) met at the Idle Isle in downtown Brigham. There were fifteen of us: Cindy, Jane, Gordon, Greg, Mark, Craig, Gwen, Tracie, Susan, Eldon, Matt, Kaylynn, Pam, Roger and me. We had a great visit, but it sure is a long way to go for lunch. Then back to Salt Lake, drop Greg off to help get Katie ready for prom (she's a queen candidate), send Susan off to Cedar City and meet up with Cassie, Jordan, Stacey and Lincoln for more food. If you think these trips are all about eating, you're probably right. I got to visit with Stacey and Cassie for an hour or so later that night and help put Lincoln to bed. Next day, we headed back to Vernal. The weather was beautiful, so perhaps spring will make it after all.

Friday, April 04, 2008

March Monitor

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Whatever. Still I can actually believe spring may be coming. I hope I don't miss it in the mad dash to summer that we usually experience here in Vernal. Here's what happened:

March 5: Went to dinner with three high school friends, Nikki, Judy and Julie. Julie had just had another surgery on her foot and had the photos to show all her new hardware. I guess I am very fortunate.

March 15: Mom and I traveled to Salt Lake, picked up Greg and went on to Kaysville for my Aunt Mary's funeral. Mary was my dad's older sister and I hadn't seen her for a number of years. The funeral was very nice and it was great to renew acquaintances with any number of cousins: Brent, Arlene, Scott, Clair, and Inez are Mary's children. I also saw Roxanne, Becky, Alwyn, Mike and Joe who are Aunt Edna's kids. Mother was amazing as always with her memory of who married who and what their kids names are, etc. Scott pointed out a cowboy etching on the joint headstone for Mary and Vene. This etching was used to head Uncle Vene's article that he wrote each week for the Vernal Express back in the late 40's. I never knew he did that. It was a good family gathering and I'm so glad Mom pressured me into going.

March 18: Relief Society Birthday Party. I did nothing for this event except take salad. The committee did a wonderful job. The food: soup, salad, rolls and cake & ice cream, was great. The cake was yellow cake with a raspberry jam center and white icing. I found out later that the jam was used to hold the cake together when it cracked. It tasted so good. We made fleece blankets for the Children's Justice Center and put in an act of service we would do for whichever sister drew it out. I put in a car wash and Jill Espinoza drew it. I really need to go get her car and get it washed. I really need to wash my own car!! Then we watched a video of photos which Amber Meager had put together. There were a lot of tears shed as we saw photos of Shelly Slaugh who passed away last December (her mom in my counselor) and Uela Hansen before she lost sixty pounds or so in her cancer battle. She sure didn't look like she felt good that night and it was sad to see her picture of better days.

March 20: Eight of us went to the Care Center to visit with the patients there and help them open their Easter egg for the day. The Stake had put together Easter baskets on their Humanitarian day last month and this was the culmination of the event.

March 21-23: Easter weekend. Jordan, Stacey and Lincoln came out Thursday night; and Cassie showed up on Friday to spend the weekend with me. It was so fun having them all there even if my house is small. Lincoln got to sleep in my room which was so fun. He is such a cutie.

Anyway, we had a good time at Grandma Rae's, dyeing eggs and eating and playing games.

The Reading Front I joined three new challenges; sick, isn't it? and read eight books. I'm currently reading A Student of Weather by Elizabeth Hay for the Canadian Challenge and still working on the Book of Mormon.

Movies Watched August Rush.

What's on TV About all I watch is Dancing with the Stars. So far, Penn Gillette, Monica Seles, and Steve Guttenberg have been voted off. Adam Corolla, who dances with Julianne Hoff, made a great joke about the Mormons.

Overall Impression March is too windy, but it's great seeing buds on some of the trees and early greenery poking up through the dirt. And the snow is gone!!! I am so ready for spring.