Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby Blessing

Last Sunday morning, I got up and drove to Salt Lake for the day. What a beautiful drive, wending my way through the snow covered mountains and that crisp, clean, cold, air. Even though the storm on Saturday was horrendous, I felt blessed seeing the beauty it left behind. The reason for my day-trip was to see my first grandson, Lincoln Clark, be blessed. I got to Jordan and Stacey's in time to see Lincoln being bathed. He produced his own geyser and got to be bathed again. What a joker. It was touch and go for a while after he somehow got lotion in his eye. He has a very healthy set of lungs. And what a tug at the heartstrings to see his big blue eyes brimming with unshed tears. But finally, he was ready. Of course, Lincoln was very handsome in his formal attire of white shirt, black pants, and black and white polka dotted vest. And we made it to the church on time. The star was fast asleep. So we were able to hear the blessing. Two of Jordan's friends from high school were able to attend and stand in the circle along with Stacey's two brothers and Jordan and Stacey's fathers. What an amazing experience to observe your son take his newborn and, exercising his priesthood, give the baby a name and a blessing. Jordan obviously put a lot of thought and prayer into that blessing because it was beautiful. He blessed Lincoln to always know that his Heavenly Father and brother, Jesus Christ, loved him and to feel that love. He talked of the gift of the Atonement and how it applied to him personally. He blessed him with the gift of discernment in his choices throughout his life and the gift of faith. Then he told Lincoln how thankful his parents were to have him here and how much they loved him. There was more about serving a mission, being married in the temple, being an example, and things I have forgotten. I should have written this post that day. Needless to say, I cried. I was so touched. Jordan and Stacey are amazing parents, so much wiser than I was at that age. And Lincoln is an amazing baby.