Friday, July 11, 2008

June Jazz

Absolutely nothing happened in June. Well, that's not quite true. Cassie came and visited me on the 21st & 22nd. Or was it the week before?? Whatever. It's always wonderful to have her home even for a short time. She turned 26 on the 23rd. How did my baby girl get to be 26?? I'm only 24. I gave my first lesson in Relief Society on the 22nd since being recalled as a teacher. It felt good to be doing that again. And my branch met its goals for the quarter!!! In fact, I get to go to the recognition event in Provo on August 1 along with four of my staff. They are giving away lots of prizes (flat-screen TV, cameras, IPods, laptop, etc). Some prizes are lame so I hope I win something cool.

Finished three challenges and joined one. I might be catching up. I love the way challenges stretch me by making me read books I might never even look at. Sometimes that is good and sometimes not so good.
Books Read
Murder on a Girl's Night Out, rated 3.75 mystery
Too Soon to Say Goodbye, rated 3 memoir
The Fireman's Fair, rated 4.25 fiction
Law of Attraction, rated 2.5 non-fiction
Consequences, rated 3 fiction on CD
The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio, rated 4.5 non-fiction
The Fatal Shore, rated 3.5 non-fiction
Far World - I haven't written my review or rated this one but it was really good. I'm writing a review for a blog tour for the author. fantasy
It was a pretty lackluster month for reading, especially since The Fatal Shore took me two weeks to read. It's huge and has small print and is about the penal colonies that first settled Australia. I mooched ten books but gave away thirteen so I should be getting ahead except I bought four used books from Amazon. YIKES!! But The Fatal Shore was one I mooched away and that should count as three books. :)
Prince Caspian - This is the movie Cassie and I went to at the theater. I liked it better than the first Narnia movie. The prince is very nice looking.
27 Dresses - DVD
The Importance of Being Earnest - DVD
I joined the Disney Club and got some great DVDs. Most are classics (Summer Magic, etc) I love to watch but there were a couple of new ones.
What can I say? I am a reality TV junky. This month I have really gotten into watching The Bachelorette. I like her, she's pretty straight forward and honest. I also like Nashville Nights (I think that's the name) except it's on about the same time as The Bachelorette. On Tuesdays I watch America's Got Talent. And then I catch the reruns of Home Improvement on Sunday.
Overall Impression
I seem to be watching a lot of TV this month, but managed to keep the lawn mowed. That's about all I do outside. The weeds are growing rampant and my cottonwood tree is getting scary. The branches are so long I'm afraid they will break. It looks really bad. It's been hot in the day; but, with one or two exceptions, sleepingly cool at night. I'm enjoying working at the temple one night a week and have had a few choice experiences there.