Tuesday, June 03, 2008

May Memo

What on earth happened to May?? And where was I all month? These are the kind of questions that are slowly driving me insane, but crazy is cute, right? Here's what my feeble brain can recall:

May 3rd: I posted my first review that an author has asked me to do. That was kind of fun and kind of scary. I really like Tristi Pinkston (she's a blogging buddy) and I was worried about not liking her book. But it was very good, so no problem. The book, Season of Sacrifice, was based on her great-grandmother's journal and details a grueling trek across southern Utah and her family's foray into polygamy. Here's a link to my review.

May 4th: I was released as Relief Society President. Wow, what a rush. People ask me if I feel sad. Ummm, NO. I love the sisters in Relief Society and I can still feel that without being in charge. In fact, it's easier to feel that. Jean Beynon is the new president, she'll be wonderful. It's funny, she seems just as insecure as I was. . . even after two plus years. Maralee Richens is the first counselor. She was my compassionate service leader and, boy, did I appreciate her. Julie Justice is the second counselor. (It's a month later and she still hasn't been released as the Stake Young Women's President. Poor girl) Barbara Smuin is the secretary. She was my secretary also, the second counselor in the previous presidency and the secretary in the one before that and before that, she was the stake Relief Society secretary. I'd feel bad for her but she loves it and I know how indispensable she was for me.

May 11th: Mothers Day. This is usually a crappy day for me, but now I'm a grandma so life is wonderful. Besides, I've learned not to beat myself up for not being a perfect mother. My kids are wonderful in spite of me.

May 13th: Went to see National Treasure 2 with some friends from work, Lisa, Grace, Jenn and Julie. We got a party for hitting our goals in March and everyone voted to go to the movie. Unfortunately, only five of us went so the bank bought our tickets and treats and then I bought pizza for the whole branch the next day. But the movie was a lot of fun.

May 22 & 23: I went to Salt Lake to watch Lincoln while Stacey got things packed for the big move. He was so much fun on Thursday, but that night he developed a 104^ fever. It was pretty scary but with Tylenol and a warm bath, he cooled off. And he was so good even being sick. The next day, Stacey took him to the doctor and that made her feel a lot better. It was lucky that I was there so she had a car to drive. Funny how things like that work out. Of course, Lincoln still didn't feel very well and he wanted his mom. So I went shopping and spent a bunch of money.

May 24, 25 & 26: Memorial Day weekend. I drove back to Vernal on Friday and Cassie flew past me just after Strawberry Reservoir. She drives like a maniac. I don't think that car was made to go that fast. I hit a huge rainstorm just west of Roosevelt which was scary. Lots of water on the road and I don't see well with dark, wet roads. Saturday, Cassie drove to Grand Junction and back to visit a friend. I hope she drove slower. We played games at Mom's with the family and on Sunday. Susan and Julie were up from Cedar City and Mark from SLC. Monday morning was the annual breakfast. When the kids were small, we had this breakfast at the lake at 6 in the morning. Now, we're doing good to get to Mom's and eat at nine. Still, it was really good. Julie made a fantastic breakfast casserole, and there were pancakes with syrup, strawberries and whip cream. Yummmmy. Bacon, sausage, eggs, fresh fruit. (Should I mention that I am not doing well on my resolution to lose weight. What is the problem here?) Steve came over and helped me start the lawn mower so for now the lawn looks really nice. The rest of the yard and the house look frightful, but the actual lawn is green and trim.

May 28 & 29: Drove to Provo for a manager's meeting. Of course, I spent Wednesday evening shopping. The meeting was really good for a change, especailly if I can implement one or two of the many ideas thrown out. I found out yesterday that one of the managers that was at the meeting died suddenly this weekend. Red was such a great guy and I will really miss his humor at our meetings. He was a year or so younger than me. I should learn to not take life for granted.

May 30: We made our goals at the bank again. That's five months in a row. Guess I won't get fired this year.

Reading: I read or listened to thirteen books this month. One of these was another sent to me by an author, Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys. It was well-written and funny and also has polygamy in its story line. I think my favorites were Persuasion by Jane Austen and Making Money by Terry Pratchett. I finished three challenges and only joined one more. I'm catching up!!

Movies watched: National Treasure No 1 & 2, Dan in Real Life (again), and Becoming Jane. I really liked Becoming Jane. Anne Hathaway was great. I don't usually care for her but this movie was very good. I think I need to read Pride and Prejudice again, but I will try to stifle that urge.
TV: Well Kristy and Mark won Dancing with the Stars and rightfully so. And Derek and Meredith are back together. Cassie recorded Gray's Anatomy on VHS and warned me that her tapes don't work well in my player. I couldn't watch it but I did listen to it so I have a pretty good idea. But TV for the summer looks like a dry desert. Maybe I will do yard work and go for nice long healthy walks. Or I'll read and blog and crochet. Cheya gave me a cute pattern for hats.
Overall impression: Jordan and Stacey are planning to take my grandson all the way to Logan, like Salt Lake is not far enough away. Dang, this grandma stuff is hard. It rained a lot this month which would account for my lawn looking green. And we seem to actually have a spring this year. My lilacs are blooming and smell so good. I went on two shopping sprees so my credit card just earned me a bunch of reward points. And if I do much walking, those new clothes won't fit. Plus I bought a new drill to make my shed sturdier. Wonder when I'm getting around to that. It sounds dangerously like work. I also bought a grain grinder. When the drought hits, I'll be prepared. No wait, I need to buy some wheat and oats and other things to grind. I mooched quite a few books this month, both to and from, but I managed to only buy one. That must be a record. I may go hungry in hard times, but at least I'll be entertained. Lord, please bless my eyesight.