Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family Pics

The day before Thanksgiving, we had family pictures taken out in my mom's field.  Jordan's friend, Mindy Gale, and her sister have started a photography business.  Take a look.  There are several shots I really like that I will be getting printed, but I really need a 11 x 14 for an frame that's been hanging on the wall empty for far too long.  My main concern was that it had to be a landscape shot because that is how the frame is hung.  The shots with all five of us all have something wrong with them but all have great things as well.  I know, you can't expect five people to all look good at the same time.  Anyway, I'm posting the ones I like the best and letting you all help me decide.  Please be honest in your comments.  I'm not putting them in any particular order so you won't know which one I'm leaning towards.  All but the second picture also have a sepia version so you can try to picture that.  Try clicking on the picture to see it bigger.  I don't know if that will work or not, but ...  Please comment on which one you like best and why.  Thanks for your input.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

O Christmas Tree

This year I bought a new artificial pre-lit tree that has both multi-colored and white lights.  It was a beast to put together.  So heavy.  But I love not putting on the lights.  That alone makes this a worthwhile purchase.  Plus, the remote control is fantastic.  The tree even revolves, but I can't see myself ever using that feature.  That would mean I would have to decorate that side that's up against the wall.  Jeez.  After I finally got the tree up and plugged in, I noticed a three-foot section where the white lights did not come on.  (Grit my teeth and try not to swear)  Finally, after moving the wires around, they came on.  Brand new tree and there seems to be a short in the wiring.  A few days later, I finally put on some decorations.  This year, I went with my Santa theme; and I'm quite pleased with the whole thing.  I'm posting some pictures, but the flash fades out the lights making the tree not as pretty.  I did take a couple without a flash.  See what you think.

Friday, December 04, 2009

November Notes

I love November.  It is the month of my favorite holiday.  Yes, winter is slowly creeping in and the fall leaves are faded and littering the lawn; but it's still on the warm side and Thanksgiving is on its way.  Here's what I did through the month.

1 - 6.  I took the week off to clean the house and get ready for my Thanksgiving guests.  It was a great opportunity to get rid of some stuff to take to DI and send other stuff to the dump.  I also got to start my temple shift when everyone else does.  I usually go at 5:30 pm but the shift actually starts at 3:00.  I was still late for the prayer meeting but did get to see all the sisters who work on that shift.  Sometimes, you get so busy that you go a whole evening and not see someone. 

9.  I had my first telephone call with my new boss.  He is quite different than other supervisors I've had and very different from the one just previous.  I sense I am really going to have to kick it in gear.  Since we've been moved into a new district, I also have to get used to the way things are down in a more urban market. 

11.  Veteran's Day.  The bank gave us a paid holiday this year.  I t was nice to just sit in the house and enjoy it being clean. 

20.  I drove to Moab with two co-workers for Don Cook's retirement party.  He was my supervisor for just about six months, but I really grew to appreciate him.  It was good to see some faces from the Southern Utah division.  I've worked with some of these people my whole career and will miss them. 

24.  I had my first goal setting session with new boss.  It was grueling, but I can see where I can really improve my performance and help my employees do the same.  There is a lot to be learned.  I wish I wasn't so old and tired.

25.  Cassie arrived last night and Jordan, Stacey and Lincoln came about noon.  They had had a rough trip as Lincoln got sick all over the car and carseat.  Yuck.  After tumbling over my exercise ball (the most action it's had for years), he went down for a nap and we cleaned the seat.  Then everyone got ready to go get family pictures taken.  Cassie and Stacey had to pick out what I would wear.  It started out fun taking pictures in Mom's field and by her old cow shed.  Jordan's high school friend, Mindy, and her sister took the pictures.  Lincoln was not very cooperative; but I hope there are some good shots.  Mostly, it was just good having them all there.  I got to watch Lincoln that night and put him to bed.  He's so sweet. 

26.  Thanksgiving Day.  We slept in, had a good breakfast and headed over to Mom's for dinner.  It was soooo good.  Alyson came from Las Vegas, Scott from Salt Lake; and everyone from Vernal was there.  We all wrote what we were grateful for, put the cards in a basket; and drew one to read.  Great stuff.  After dinner, we played games and talked until there was room enough for pie.  After dark, a bunch of us went outside to see the space station and shuttle as they passed overhead.  It was cold but fun.  Then Mom gave us all a scare as she got dizzy and almost passed out.  Luckily Jenny and Julie were right there to catch her.  Mark and Cheya took her to the hospital and the rest of us went home to await word.  It turned out to be dehydration and extremely low blood pressure; the doctor soon had her feeling much better.  She didn't even have to spend the night.  We were all so grateful because it was pretty scary at the time.  She got a good rest that night which is more than I can say for those at my house.  Lincoln decided he didn't like sleeping in the portable crib or with Grandma and just wanted to play in bed with Mom.  When I finally got up the next morning, he was asleep on the couch and his dad was sleeping on the floor.  Happy Anniversary, Jordan and Stacey.  I hope next year things go smoother. 

27.  Vernal plans a whole slew of activities to get ready for the holiday season.  I was excited to take Lincoln to ride the ponies and see the camel.  He got to pet the camel on the nose and talk to the ponies.  He has "Neigh" done all the way.   He was so cute when his turn to ride finally came.

Definitely not cute when his turn was over.  Good heavens, that kid can scream.  He was probably hungry.  Back to Mom's for a lunch of leftovers and then Jordan, Stacey and Lincoln headed for the city.  That night we played games again.  As always, Cheya and Myke had some new games that were fun.  It seemed every game we played, Scott won.  Dang. 

28.  Cassie and I went to the matinee and really enjoyed the movie.  We played more games that night. 

29.  We really relaxed this day.  I don't even remember what we did after I got home from church.  Cassie did't leave until six that night but got home safely.  So the holiday is over and it's back to work.

Books Read
I read ten books and 2928 pages.  I finally finished the Chronicles of Narnia series.  Can you believe I had never read those books?  None of the ten books really stood out in my mind.  There were a couple I wouldn't recommend but they weren't horrible.  Just kind of a boring reading month.

The movie Cassie and I went to see was Blindside with Sanda Bullock.  I really liked it and thought she was fantastic in it.  We also watched The Jungle Book and the Sword in the Stone with Lincoln.  He mostly played while the movies were on except during the songs.  Then he would dance. 

Dancing with the Stars is over; and Donny Osmond won.  I was rooting for Joanna Krup but Donny was my second choice.  He wasn't the best dancer but was certainly the most fun to watch.  It was also fun to watch Kelly Osbourn.  She just improved so much over the season.  I'm still watching Castle, Gray's Anatomy and have added Flash Forward to my schedule. 

Overall Impression
This month just flew by.  I was so caught up in all the changes at work that I didn't do much of anything else.  I can't see that December is going to be much different.  Still it was fun to spend so much time with my family.  I got a new calling at church -- Family History Specialist.   I don't have a clue but it will be fun learning about family history and geneaology.