Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Isnt' He Sweet?

What can I say? Being a grandma is the best thing in the world. It was so fun to hold little LIncoln while he slept. I love those little huffy-puffy noises he makes when he breathes really fast. I love the wrinkles in his forehead when he raises his eyebrows. I love the way he gazes up at his mommy when she talks to him. I even love the way his face crunches up right before he cries. I love watching his mom and dad change diapers. (It's a team effort) I especially love that they got me up at 6 a.m. to watch him him after his early morning breakfast so they could sleep some more. Wow, three hours with just LIncoln and me. Leaving Sunday afternoon and not knowing when I could visit again was the hardest thing to do, knowing he will change so much before I see him again. I guess it's for the best because I would hold him forever if his parents would let me. Isn't he adorable?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Booklogged has tagged me to do this meme. I like memes because they get me thinking about things that are tucked away in the recesses of my mind. Okay, most of these things haven't been tucked back too far and won't surprise a lot of you, but . . . live with it. I thought "tucked away in the recesses of my mind" sounded quite poetic.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

So on we go to the Great Eight!!

1. I decorate my Christmas tree by themes. So far, I have an angel tree, a Santa tree, a snowman tree, a colors tree (big mutl-colored lights and lots of different colored and shaped bulbs, and a chartreuse tree (mostly chartreuse ornaments and wide ribbon with a little white and pink mixed in. As you can imagine, my Christmas decorations take up a lot of room in my house. I was going to post a picture from one of my family's progressive dinners (we go from house to house admiring the tree and eating a different course at each place), but . . . . . . . .
2. Blogger hates me. I did pretty good to get Blogger to let me do the title for this post. Adding a couple of pictures--out of the question. There was a good three months that I couldn't get into "Edit html" which created havoc on my admittedly basic posting skills. And everytime I edit an existing post, Blogger adds a few inches of extra space which I then have to edit out. What can I say? It's a love-hate relationship.
3. I am a reluctant Relief Society President. Love those sisters, but this is a trial of my faith. I guess it's just one more question to add to the list of things I need answers for when I get to the other side. Things like: Why are children starving in Africa? How come so many wicked people have it all and good people so little? Why wars? Aids? poverty? child abuse? Why me?
Important things like that. I don't want to see comments from any of you trying to make me feel better about this. Just let me wallow in my self-pity. But if you can answer any of the other questions, I loved to hear it and I'm sure Heavenly Father would appreciate it as well.
4. I am going to be a grandmother by the end of the week, or surely, the end of next week. Come on out and play, little Lincoln. Plus I get to stay and baby-sit for a whole week in November.
5. I raised two amazing kids as a single mother. Notice that I didn't say I raised them alone, because that was not the case. When I worked two jobs and went back to school for my degree, my mom watched my kids faithfully. She was always helping me get them to places and helping with costumes and school work, etc. etc etc. I also had the most amazing babysitter. This woman had fifteen kids of her own and took my two in and made them part of her family. The rest of my family were so good to include us in their family activities. Then there was the church and its members. How do you teach your kids all they need to know about being good, caring people by yourself? Thankfully, I didn't have to.
6. I am fifty-one. I read a book where the author said that fifty was the best time of her life. Hmmmm.
7. I love the commercial where a gorgeous man is standing in a large light-colored room, lots of big windows with gently billowing curtains. He leans on his hand against an elegant table set with china and crystal as he watches a beautiful woman gracefully enter the room in her flowing evening gown. The table tilts under his weight; he falls to the floor amid the crash of breaking dishes; and he jumps to his feet with the cutest sheepish grin. I haven't seen it for years, but I remember laughing out loud every time I saw it. I think it was an ad for a cleaning product but I'm not sure.
8. I love the fog. Not to drive in it, that's awful; but to sit in a nice, cozy room, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, reading a good book, scented candle wafting fragrance through the air, hot chocolate at the ready, and the silence of that thick, misty shroud surrounding my house and holding the world at bay . . . lovely.

Amazing! I had a hard time coming up with eight things because they really were tucked away. But this was fun. Hopefully, this will satisfy Tristi, who pointed out, "It's been very quiet over here, Framed."

I'm also breaking the last two rules. Thinking eight random things about me has taxed my brain so much that I can't possibly think of eight people to tag. Let's face it, Booklogged, you've already tagged most of the people who might do this meme anyway. But those of you who haven't been tagged, consider it done.